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 Sofia, Bulgaria

 December, 2019

Urban Air Quality Monitoring in Sofia


In 2019 Sofia deployed our Urban Air Quality Monitoring System at 22x key monitoring points around the city (including industrial locations, traffic hubs, and residential neighborhoods). 

This enables the city authorities to track in real-time the air quality around the city, figure out pollution origins, detect polluters and act. 

Citizens are also able to track the air quality in the city via a freely accessible web platform. You too can check it out here !




Sofia is struggling with air pollution.
Deployment of a city-wide network of 22x Urban Air Quality Monitoring Stations, tracking all main pollutants: PM10, PM2.5, NO2, O3, SO2, CO.
Real-time detection of local polluters. Now able to take legal actions.
Existing government-owned stations but lack the density to detect local pollutants per district and provide actionable data.
Platform, freely accessible to citizens where they can observe the data and the Air Quality Index.
Figuring out the “clean” and the “polluted” districts. Data-driven investment focus.
Thus, city authorities do not have reliable data on taking active air quality improvement measures.
Built-in alarms to detect local pollutants in real-time.
Figuring out the pollution origins and dispersion city-wide all year round.