Remote Water Meter Reader

Business Case for Remote Water Metering

Business Case

The world is changing, urbanizing and industrializing. The population is growing. Clean, drinking water is on highest demand than it has ever been.

However, according to the European Union “in about half of the Member States, more than 20% of clean drinking water was lost in the distribution network before it could reach consumers’ taps, while for some Member States the proportion was as high as 60%” (source). On top of that, different sources quote that 90% of water metering is performed manually or semi manually.

Water utility companies, both public and private, are facing this challenge every day – how to use water optimally by decreasing lost water, increasing billed water on an aged pipe infrastructure, and improve their operational efficiency through remote water metering? The improvement of water management and distribution lies in data – to have real-time water consumption data, to analyze the profile of water consumption in the city, and to find out how to start improving the system. And before analyzing the data, the water utility needs to gather it in an optimal and cost-efficient way.

The Remote Water Meter Reader is designed to provide that. It connects to any bulk or in-house standard pulse water meter, regardless of vendor, and provides completely remote autonomous readings on water consumption along with ambient temperature to track water meter freezing. It comes with easily replaceable batteries, not limiting data reporting frequency, and protecting the investment in remote water metering. With this, water utilities can track leakage in the system and between water meters, due to the remotely configured reporting frequency, without fear that if batteries are depleted, they would have to throw the device.

Benefits to Water Utilities

  • Close to real-time visibility on water consumption in the city.
  • Remotely delivered consumption data – no manual collection is required.
  • Accurate billing on a regular basis.
  • Track leakage within the pipe system in- and between buildings.
  • Track water meter freezing.
  • Create consumption profiles and track atypical consumption (for example: large temporary flows compared to usual consumption), which can signal leakage.

Why Choose Our Product?

  • Can connect to any standard water meter with a pulse output.
  • Has an embedded temperature sensor for ambient temperature to track water meter freezing.
  • Reporting frequency is remotely reconfigurable from seconds to days.
  • Comes with durable IP65 construction, for indoor and outdoor mounting.
  • Can operate in tough conditions, incl. shafts.
  • Batteries are replaceable (unlike anything on the market) by water utility technicians directly on the field and no provision process is required.
  • Comes with separate internal antenna (not printed on the board) to provide longer range and low power consumption.
  • Is easy to install and maintain by water utility technicians.
  • Comes with effortless multi-platform integration using standard protocols.

Key Parameters:

# Parameter Description
1 Digital Inputs/Outputs: 2 (can be customized for up to 8 inputs/outputs for specific business cases and applications)
2 Temperature Sensor: Embedded
3 Types of Wireless Connectivity: LoRaWAN
4 Antenna: Separate internal antenna (not printed on the board)
5 Coverage: Up to 15 km in a line of sight (LoRa)
Up to 5 km in residential buildings (LoRa)
6 Power Supply: 2 x AA industrial batteries, replaceable
7 Estimated Battery Life (in real life, not in a marketing dream): 5 years, 60 000 – 90 000 messages, battery lifetime depends on environmental conditions
8 Reporting Frequency: Customizable – from seconds to days
9 Protection Level: IP65, for indoor and outdoor mounting
10 Dimensions: 90/35/35 mm
11 Weight: 90 g
12 Integrations: Effortless multi-platform integration using standard protocols

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Benefits for Partners

  • Become an IoT Leader in an untapped space.
  • With clear business case (not just use case, but business case).
  • Clear customer journey and benefits.
  • Connects to your own visualization and/or data analytics platform.
  • If you don’t have your own platform – we can provide access to one, developed by our existing partners.
  • With no vendor lock and no hidden costs.
  • Our business model is entirely partner-centric – we won’t communicate with your customer directly, unless you ask us to.