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How to drive value with air quality and water management

Our Business Model

We have a simple, yet powerful business model: We understand the problem we are solving inside out. We develop world-class data sensing devices to provide the data to solve the problem. We develop the end-to-end solution, along with business case and project canvas. Then we make the solution into a product and enable partners to scale it repeatedly worldwide.

Our typical partners are System Integrators, Telecoms, Value-Added Distributors, and Consulting companies. Our business model is entirely Partner Centric – we won’t communicate with your customer directly, unless you ask us to.

End-to-End Environment Monitoring

We make global challenges manageable by empowering data-driven decisions that pinpoint high-return investments in the areas of urban water supply and urban air quality.

Data Sensing

Completely remote and autonomous sensing of environmental parameters via own industrial-grade devices.

Data Visualization

Data is streamed to our or your platform for data storage, visualization, statistical and trend analysis.

Data Analytics

Go an extra-mile by empowering predictive analytics correlating monitoring data with additional data sets.

How We Empower Partners

  • Business Case – outlining all the secrets on how to build the business case. This includes information on end-customer existing challenges, how it impacts them, what is the solution, what are the benefits for customers, what is the return on investment.
  • Project Canvas – outlining the project lifecycle, time frames, activities, expertise, good practices.
  • Partner Guide – outlining all the steps on how to bring the solution to life: how to install, how to integrate, how to maintain, how to represent and analyze the data.

Partnership Models

Model 1: Partner provides Develiot’s end-to-end solution. There is an option for the Data Visualization platform to be branded with your own branding styles and logo.

Model 2: Partner has a piece of the solution, Develiot provides the missing pieces of the end-to-end solution. This means that our Data Sensing devices can be easily integrated with your platform. Or if you want to utilize the Data Visualization platform, it can connect to your existing devices as long as they use standard communication protocols.

Partner With Us

  • We enable you to become an IoT Leader in the areas of air and water quality monitoring.
  • We enable you to provide end-to-end environment monitoring solutions that empower your customers to make equitable data-driven decisions.
  • We provide clear guidance on how to implement and replicate successful business cases.
  • We provide clear customer journey and benefits.
  • All under your control, with no vendor lock and no hidden costs.

Existing Partners