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How to drive value with Industrial IoT

Our Development Approach on Industrial IoT

We are combining business and technology through end-to-end expertise and vision on both.

Our products are not being developed in a lab. Their development happens on the field in real conditions with real customers. The goal is to understand the real problem we are solving and to iterate until we are able to solve it most optimally than anyone else. This is our approach, combining business and technology:

Business Approach

Demonstrate what is possible and help shape the vision and strategy for achieving it through a real use case.

Build a business case by exploring the potential value for the organization.

Support the hypothesis and solution testing via an extended PoC.

Support the scale up once the PoC is successful.

Technology Approach

Sense Data

Sense data from analogue or digital sensors.

Transmit Data

Find the best way to transfer data. Can provide own network* if connectivity is limited.

Store, Visualize
Act(on) Data

Use a partner platform in the cloud or on premises.

Data Analytics

Know-how and experience in designing predictive analytics models.

How We Empower Partners

We understand the four pillars of Industrial IoT and focus where we provide most value:

Sense Data

Our focus – developing the most practical and optimal devices to gather data, while developing the customer journey and the business case.

Transmit Data

Store, Visualize, Act (on) Data

Data Analytics

Work with partners to build end-to-end solutions and bring business cases to life.

Partnership Models

Our typical partners are Telecoms, System Integrators and Value-Added Distributors. Below are the two most common partnership models:

Model 1: Partners who have their own visualization (and/or data analytics) platform and are looking for devices and business cases in order to offer complete solutions to their customers. For you we provide optimal devices to connect to your platform; practical, repeatable, proven business cases; complete customer journey; and complete control over the solution.

Model 2: Partners who are looking for complete solutions solving real business problems to offer to their customers. For you we can provide complete solution: optimal devices; practical, repeatable, proven business cases; complete customer journey; a platform developed by one of our existing partners; and complete control over the solution.

Why Partner With Us

  • Become an IoT Leader in an untapped space.
  • With clear business case (not just use case, but business case).
  • Clear customer journey and benefits.
  • Connects to your own visualization and/or data analytics platform.
  • If you don’t have your own platform – we can provide our own.
  • With no vendor lock and no hidden costs.
  • Our business model is entirely partner centric – we won’t communicate with your customer directly, unless you ask us to.


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