Remote Water Monitoring Station

Better water resource control through technology

Business Case

Climate change is no longer a hypothesis. It’s happening and it now has real consequences to the global water resources.

It leads to 4 times increase in floods in the EU alone since 1980 (source) and floods are causing 40 billion euro in damage each year (source). It results in 21 million people being affected by river floods every year (source). And in the same time 25% of the population is facing a water crisis (source).

Governing bodies on national, regional and local level are facing this challenge every day – not only to prevent flooding but to ensure enough water supply during the dry years. Reactive (crisis) management of water resources in no longer viable as it comes with huge economical losses, damaged infrastructure, and lost lives. The solution lies in the proactive approach of real-time data gathering that empowers equitable data driven decisions and efficient and effective water resource management in both dry and wet years.

A network of cost-efficient Remote Water Monitoring Stations provides real-time data and mapping of water levels, water velocity, precipitation, water quality, and other parameters on key water resources (such as rivers and dams, including their inflows and outflows), regardless of scale. It empowers decision makers to model proactively how areas can be affected, utilizing multiple parameters and actual weather conditions, and make equitable data-driven decisions on the most optimal measures in critical situations.

Benefits to Customers

  • Track parameters of key water resources, such as rivers and dams, including their inflows and outflows.
  • Take proactive measures in potential risks of flooding scenarios.
  • Model proactively how areas can be affected utilizing multiple parameters, water inflow and outflow, and actual weather conditions.
  • Manage water resources optimally during floods or draughts.
  • Make data-driven decisions on the most optimal measures in critical situations.

Why Choose Our Product?

  • Provides granular information on multiple locations along a water course.
  • Tracks multiple parameters – from physical characteristic of the water resource to water quality.
  • Modular design, permitting sensor upgrades and additions.
  • Easy to install, maintain, and support.
  • Operates autonomously with no need of access to the power grid.
  • All this in a complete industrial-grade solution, able to withstand all weather conditions.
  • With ability for remote configuration and hardware reset.
  • And effortless multi-platform integration using standard Internet protocols.

Key Parameters:

# Parameter Description
1 Sensor Blocks: Radar Sensor for Water Level Monitoring
Surface Velocity Radar Sensor for Water Velocity (underwater or above water)
Rain Gauge (with heating)
Water Temperature (available Q3 2020)
Ambient Temperature, Humidity, Pressure
Wind Speed
Wind Direction
Solar (UV) Radiation (available Q3 2020)
2 GPS: Included
3 Radar Sensor for Water Level Monitoring: Measurement distance: 10 meters
Resolution: 1 cm
Accuracy: ±1 cm
4 Surface Velocity Radar Sensor for Flow Speed Monitoring: Measurement distance: 10 meters
Resolution: 0.1 m/s
Accuracy: ±0.1 m/s
5 Rain Gauge (with heating): Type of precipitation: Liquid and hard precipitation, sensor with heating
Resolution: 0.2 mm
Accuracy: 3%
6 Wireless Connectivity: 2G/3G, LoRaWAN, NBIoT
7 Power Supply (all incl.): Power Grid (110V/220V),
Solar Panel
Embedded UPS – up to 7 days on battery power only
8 Protection Rating: IP65, for outdoor mounting
9 Integrations: Effortless multi-platform integration using standard protocols

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Benefits for Partners

  • We enable you to become an IoT Leader in the areas of air and water quality monitoring.
  • We enable you to provide end-to-end environment monitoring solutions that empower your customers to make equitable data-driven decisions.
  • We provide clear guidance on how to implement and replicate successful business cases.
  • We provide clear customer journey and benefits.
  • All under your control, with no vendor lock and no hidden costs.

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