Water Monitoring Station

Better water resource control through technology


  • Real-time monitoring of key parameters of the water resource (e.g. river, dam) and its environment.
  • Enable the monitoring of key-water resources in real-time to ensure optimal management of water resources all year round.
  • Enable optimal data-driven decision-making in critical situations in flood or draught scenarios.
  • Enable proactive water course modeling, such as hydraulic modeling, affected areas modeling, water inflow and outflow balance, etc.

Technical Specification:

# Parameter Water Monitoring Station Advanced
1 Sensor Block Options - Watercourse: Water Level Radar Sensor
Water Velocity Radar Sensor
Water Temperature Sensor
2 Sensor Block Options - Environment: Temperature, Humanity and Pressure Sensor, Wind Speed Sensor,
Wind Direction Sensor,
Rain Gauge Advanced Sensor (with heating)
3 Power Supply: Power Grid Connectivity (110V/220V)
Solar Panel 100W
UPS Battery 2 x 12V
4 Wireless Connectivity: GSM, NBIoT, LoRaWAN
5 Protection Level: IP65, for outdoor mounting

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Why Our Device?

  • Single device to monitor both watercourse and ambient environment parameters.
  • Industrial-grad IP65 bodies, able to withstand all weather conditions.
  • Operates autonomously with no need of access to the power grid.
  • Utilizes modular design, permitting sensor upgrades, updates and add-ons.
  • Is easy to install, maintain, and support.
  • Provides effortless multi-platform integration using standart protocols.

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