Aligned Waters Digital Twin Platform

Consolidated, multi-layer, foundational digital twin platform for water utilities


  • Water stress is hitting water utilities hard.
  • It leads to water utilities’ inability to ensure sufficient water supply all year round. This trend is intensifying.
  • The only feasible option for adaptation to water stress is rapid digitalization of the water supply network.
  • This is needed to ensure better management of the system and pinpoint and prioritize high-return rehabilitation activities.
  • However, existing digitalization solutions are not applicable to 75% of water utilities.


Aligned Waters

Is consolidated, multi-layered, foundational, cloud-based digital twin platform for the undigitalized 75% of water utilities, enabling them to successfully adapt to water stress and ensure sufficient water supply all year round.

Layer 3: Tools and algorithms to pinpoint focused investments with highest return to reduce water loss.
Layer 2: Real-time telemetry via industrial IoT and legacy sensor technologies.
Layer 1: Tools to digitally map the water supply Network with all its elements and key parameters.
  • Extremely simple, intuitive and easy to use
  • No expert knowledge required
  • Easy discovery of water loss
  • Easy detection of abnormalities
  • Pay as you go

Why Aligned Waters?

  • Aligned Waters is a foundational digital twin platform, empowering water utilities to start their digitalization journey easy and effortlessly.
  • Consolidated solution that puts on one screen and correlates the water infrastructure, data telemetry and AI analytics.
  • Built from scratch unifying the key functionalities of legacy solutions into a single, consolidated system. No need to implement GIS or SCADA.
  • Does not require vendor experts to run the system, nor narrow specialists from the water utilities.
  • Allows third parties to provide services or integrate effortlessly with Aligned Waters.
  • Do not require initial investment, it offers an affordable pay-as-you-go model for water utilities.