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The Intelligent Cities Challenge of the European Commission

March 4, 2020

The European Commission commits to help 100 cities become greener, more social and smarter! The call for application is now open, and will remain open until April 6th (extended until May 29th)! 
Each of winning 100 cities would participate in a 30 month program that provides: 
  - Expert advice tailored to your city; 
  - Community conventions - for actions over talk; 
  - Online toolbox to activate enablers; 
  - Mentoring to make partnerships - at home or abroad; 
By the way, why are cities so important? Two facts: 
  - Cities shape the future of the EU - 72% of EU citizens live in them.  
  - City ecosystems are powerful actors of change - 50% of the reductions necessary to reach net zero can be achieved at city level. 

Consortiums of cities can also participate!  

The right technologies targeted to the right problems can deliver green, smart and sustainable growth for cities - improving the quality of life for everyone who calls them home.  
Or as we at Develiot like to say: better living through technology.  
That is what this program is designed to do. 
You can learn more here