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Success story: Our Urban Air Quality Monitoring Station in Blagoevgrad!

March 31, 2020

Real success story!

Some time ago, together with our partners VIVAVOM and Syscom Engineering we installed our Urban Air Quality Monitoring Station in Blagoevgrad. 

Now, we can share a good practice related to the effectiveness of our solution.

In the morning of March 11th, 2020, upon routine inspection of the data of several air quality monitoring stations, we noticed that the fine particular matter values in Blagoevgrad were suspiciously high, compared to the previous days. A little later that day, the data was already critically high. Our partner and Blagoevgrad municipality took immediate action and went to thoroughly check what is happening on site.
They found out that a company in the neighbourhood burned unregulated substances in its yard that day, which in turn produced serious smoke and consequently caused air pollution.
The problem was reported to the Municipal Police, which immediately drew up a protocol.
Only an hour later, the fine particulate matter values ​​were already normal, showing clean and healthy air.
The Urban Air Quality Monitoring Station in Blagoevgrad is set up at a specific location, at the request of citizens, near a high industrial chimney, due to numerous complaints that this chimney is polluting the air in the area.
However, it turns out that the reason for the pollution on March 11th, or at least the one for the day itself, does not come from the industrial chimney, but from a completely different place.
What is the conclusion? 
Thanks to the Urban Air Quality Monitoring Station, air pollution can be pinpointed in real time and immediate action can be taken to protect the health of citizens. 
This way, we empower cities to cost-effectively monitor the air quality indicators defined by the European Union. Cities can use the data to plan investments on improving air quality, enforce new laws, take legal actions against pollutants, improve citizen health and standard of living.