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Sharing experience at the biggest AI Conference on the Balkans

November 28, 2019

Smart city projects are getting more and more traction around the world. What had changed in the recent years, what are the secrets of a successful smart city project, and how smart city solutions bring real value?

These were some of the topics of the extremely insightful discussion between Miroslav Gechev (Develiot), Elena Krumova (Syscom), Milko Berner (Ministry of Interior), Vladimir Danailov (City of Sofia), Boyan Jekov (University of Library Studies and Information Technologies), Nikola Gechev (Vivacom), and Ivaylo Tsakov (Theoremus) at the AI&I conference this Tuesday!

Some key takeaways from the discussion:
- Cities are looking more and more into data-driven decisions, which is paving the way for smart city solutions;
- Cities want to be clear on what they are investing into. Thus successful solutions have to have clear customer journey and business case, showing what is the problem, what is the solution, what are the benefits, what this means for citizens;
- The low hanging "data" fruit for data-driven decisions are statistics and trend analysis, data analytics and forecasting follow right after;
- Proof of Concept is king when a solution have not been implemented locally or in a similar city;
- Cities are looking for a single platform to visualize, analyze, and correlate data from different solutions. Two benefits: easy management and additional value from cross-analysis of data.