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Our 5 Key Takeaways from The Things Conference

February 26, 2020

A month since The Things Conference, here is the latest on the state of LoRa and IoT: 
- Last year the focus was on IoT security, now it's on IoT simplicity. This means that non-engineers have to be able to operate and integrate the devices if IoT is to proliferate. What a “surprise", right? 
- Legacy cellular technologies are still holding the lead as the common connectivity protocols used in IoT projects, followed tightly by LoRa. NBIoT is still gaining traction.  
- LoRa Satellite connectivity can be the next big thing - it now makes financial sense to use it. Price is 2 cents per message no matter if you are in a city, in the ocean, or in desert. 
- First System On Chip LoRa devices are hitting the market - smaller, cheaper, and less energy consuming. 
- The "battery issue" is also being solved - batteries are becoming smaller and battery life longer. Printed batteries are on the rise.