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Netflix with a series about World's Water Crisis

August 6, 2020

It's easy to forget that the quest for water has been one of the defining struggles in human history.
When a company such as Netflix starts to report about water scarcity, you know things are serious.
Many cities in the world today, including CapeTown, SaoPaulo, Melbourne, Jakarta, London, Beijing, Istanbul, Tokyo, Bangalore, Barcelona, MexicoCity, are approaching their Day Zero. The day when the water taps will go dry.
Goldman Sachs predicts that water would be the petroleum of the 21st century, but "the thing is water isn't like petroleum, or any other commodity of Earth for that matter. Because without water, we die."
We are currently facing a global water crisis.
However, we still have a chance to adapt (CapeTown actually did). But first, we have to know the facts.

Have a look at what Netflix found out.


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