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Half of the world's water supply may be being stolen!

September 8, 2020

Half of the world's #water supply may be being stolen!
This is according to the World Economic Forum. Water theft includes two major factors: using treated drinking water without paying for it, and taking water from natural sources despite environmental guidelines.
Scientists warn that the gap between global water supply and demand would widen to 40% by 2030, which is why they call for improved monitoring technology to help tackle the issue.
Our Water Loss and Water Consumption Tracking Solution plays a major role in detecting water theft. A network of Remote Water Meter Readers empowers water utilities to map the lost, unbilled water in the water distribution infrastructure, while at the same time, it reports the water consumption per water meter for billing purposes. Once water utilities have the data on water loss, legal and political frameworks can be adjusted in order to prevent water theft.
Let's start saving water today. Ask us how.

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