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Europe's flood patterns are shifting

August 25, 2020

Europe's flood patterns are shifting to two extremes due to climate change:
-> Northwestern Europe is being affected by increased flooding and more moisture. More moisture in the atmosphere makes storms wetter, makes them move slower, and brings more rain to the region.
-> Southern and Eastern Europe are being affected by higher temperatures and declining precipitation. These increase the evaporation of water in the soil resulting in water stress and droughts. However, this does not mean no floods. It means more flash floods due to extreme rainfall, especially in smaller river basins.
This is causing stress not only to communities but to systems that are serving them – river management, dam management, wastewater management.
Globally, river flooding averages about $100 billion in damages a year.
Governing bodies have to find a way to be resilient to the increased risk, and to start managing water and floods efficiently and effectively. How can they do that? They need the data on key water resources such as rivers and dams, including their inflows and outflows.
We provide that.