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Europe’s water future is no longer a given

November 12, 2020

In Europe we are lucky to have easy access to some of the safest treated water in the world—just by turning on the tap.
On average, 144 liters of water per person per day is supplied to households in Europe. Add water loss and water theft, and the water footprint per day becomes even bigger. With thousands of freshwater lakes, rivers and underground water sources available, the supply of water in Europe may seem limitless. But it is not.
The European Environment Agency estimates that around one third of the EU territory is exposed to water stress conditions, either permanently or temporarily. In fact, water stress affects over 100 million people in Europe and it is already causing continuous water supply shutdowns in major cities.
Europe’s water future is no longer a given. We all have to use water much more efficiently. Equitably to reduce water loss and water theft through smart solutions.
We can start today. Ask us how.

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