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March 11, 2020

How can we prevent water crises like the one in Pernik, what measures can we take to fight air pollution, when and how Sofia can become a "smart" city - all these relevant topics were discussed during an interview with our CEO Miroslav Gechev.  
Miroslav gave an example with the Air Quality Monitoring Project of Sofia Municipality with 22 of our stations installed so far: "We put such stations in many locations in one city - one in each neighborhood. Through these stations we can monitor what the air quality is at different areas. If the air is polluted - what is the main pollutant? So we can indicate exactly what the likely source of this pollutant is, so that action is taken by the relevant decision makers.”  
Miroslav pointed out that the good thing is that we can see if these measures actually work. This system cannot clean the air by itself, but it can help municipalities make data driven decisions. He reminded that the best stations globally are those in the big containers that have extremely high-end equipment. The downside is that they are very expensive. The price makes it almost impossible for a city to install a large number of stations in the whole urban area. With 5 of those stations in Sofia, Develiot’s goal is not to replace them, but to give another level of measurement which is city-wide, measuring the same parameters as them in order to show what the values are in each neighborhood, where the pollution comes from and how they can be acted upon. 
"We want to create the global leader in air and water management in Bulgaria" pointed out Miroslav and presented our other two solutions in the water sector - the Remote Water Meter Reader and the Remote Water Monitoring Station. These solutions track and monitor key water parameters completely autonomously and, with the collected data, advance warnings for citizens in case of potential problems or risks can be provided timely. This will improve water management and make it more sustainable.  

The question how and when can Sofia become a smart city was easy: “We have the conditions, we have smart projects and the will to make them happen. Together with other cities in Europe, Sofia participates in the Digital Cities Challenge to implement innovative projects. So, we are in the perfect place”. 

You can read and watch the full interview here.