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Develiot on sustainable water and air management in interview with

February 12, 2020

Our CEO Miroslav Gechev was among the first guests in the TV show, hosted by the CEO of Web Media Group Georgi Minev. 
“To start dealing with a problem and looking for a suitable solution, we need data.”, pointed out Miroslav. He explained why Develiot’s solutions are the key to solving challenges like poor water management or improving air quality.  
With 22 Urban Air Quality Monitoring Stations installed in Sofia all the key gases that are important for human life are being measured. "We try to understand what is the main pollutant for the air in Sofia and that is the main goal of the system we installed.", said Miroslav and added that pollution is different in every neighborhood. These readings are being analyzed and displayed through a publicly accessible platform, so decision makers and people can see how polluted different urban areas are. With this information, relevant decision makers can make data-driven decisions and intervene timely. 
Miroslav talked about our devices for water sustainability, which autonomously detect clean water losses and track water consumption. The collected data is crucial for more efficient water management.  

In the interview, in less than 9 minutes, you can figure out: 

  • How can we prevent water crisis in the future?  
  • Why monitoring air quality is important?  
  • Why is data so vital? 

You can watch the full interview here