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Develiot at the EU Clear Air Forum in Bratislava

December 3, 2019

We participated in the EU Clean Air Forum in Bratislava last week. The event brought together decision-makers, stakeholders and experts to reflect on the development and implementation of effective European, national and local clean air policies, projects and programs.

These are some of the messages we found interesting, provocative or simply worth sharing:
- EU citizens believe air quality has deteriorated over the past ten years – but, in fact, air quality data reported shows significant improvements during that time;
- EU is pushing hard to improve air quality. Statistics are improving, but are still frightening (400 000 premature deaths in Europe per year);
- Our water and air have become the global garbage bin;
- Clean air is a collective approach;
- Do you, as person, know how much air pollution is costing you? What are you doing about it?
- Would you drink this water if you do not know if it is clean? What about air?
- European Investment Bank dubbed itself as the "climate bank" and focuses on funding initiatives that contribute to clean environment;
- And one Eurobarometer study that was shared on the conference.