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Are major cities in Bulgaria approaching Day Zero?

November 24, 2020

Are major cities in Bulgaria approaching Day Zero?
-> Precipitation is decreasing and many water reservoirs are at all-time low.
-> Water loss in the water supply system is over 60%.
-> The water infrastructure itself is aging and is prone to water leaks.
-> Majority of water utilities do not have the resources to overhaul the water supply network.
-> Many water utilities are failing to ensure sufficient water supply over the year in their territories.

Decisions have to be made now to prevent Day Zero – the day when water taps run dry in a city.
Bulgaria starts to act. The Bulgarian state created a new Water Holding Company, which will coordinate and #manage the #investment activities concerning the maintenance of #water and #sewerage infrastructure of national water utilities. A step in the right direction. Innovative technologies, which reduce water loss and pinpoint which parts of the water supply to rehabilitate first, are the next.

NOVA Broadcasting Group aired a story on the topic last Sunday and followed in the footsteps of our liquid gold - the most valuable natural resource in the world, which is disappearing, yet is still taken for granted.
Take a look at it here, it is interesting.