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"We empower our partners through data” - Miroslav in an interview with "Ecology and Infrastructure" magazine

March 27, 2020

Our CEO Miroslav Gechev was invited by the magazine Ecology and Infrastructure to talk about our journey so far. They already knew that Develiot has received several awards for a startup company in the last months and wanted to know more about our business and development. Miroslav shared that all the awards Develiot has received are a validation and feedback to us that what we do makes sense and brings real business benefit to municipalities, water companies, countries.

Miroslav pointed out that Develiot runs at very high speed. 
"We started as a company in early 2019 and have been focused on the management and monitoring of air and water systems since the very beginning. We saw that the market lacks reliable measuring equipment that delivers industrial quality, that is easy to use and maintain, and offers all this at a competitive price. We at Develiot take functionalities from the high price segments and make them affordable and practical without lowering quality, by using innovative technologies and approaches. We combine these with monitoring and analysis platform, enabling a water utility company or a city to make data-driven decisions. Data is power. The devices, the platforms and their analytical capabilities are developed entirely by our team. We also provide extremely fast and easy integration with third-party software solutions, so we do not lock the customer in any way. This is highly valued nowadays."

Miroslav explained that for many years, the ecology topic is important to society and people pay more attention to air and water. Today, the significant difference is that people already feel the consequences of the ecological problems directly. With the air quality monitoring station, we follow the key indicators identified by the European Commission. With its help in the urban environment, we can determine what are the main pollutants in different parts of the city, what are the likely sources and what steps could be taken to prevent the pollution. Develiot's first major projects were the installations of network of stations in Sofia and Ohrid.

Miroslav shared that we are also focused on water management. For example, our remote water meter allows us to completely eliminate the need for human intervention in this process. When we build a comprehensive network of them, we can show what are the most problematic sections with losses, pinpointing the highest investment return to water companies. Our third product allows remote monitoring of water levels, as well as rainfall levels, to provide up-to-date data on the status of water resources. The decision helps authorities monitor the most important parameters of water resources that are of strategic importance to secure constant supply. Thanks to its remote monitoring and data analysis capabilities, this system can also be used as an early warning tool in the event of potential problems with water resources.

As far as our business is concerned, it is based entirely on cooperation with partners, pointed out Miroslav. In the most common case, these are companies that have a strong market presence in the respective segment, or those for which the concept of smart cities is in focus. For example, system integrators, telecoms, engineering companies.

"We empower our partners to deliver these solutions quickly and easily, and control them. Along with the technical solutions and the complete documentation, we provide Project Guideline for each solution, which describes what it takes to make such a project happen - what kind of expertise the team needs, what the business problem is, what the solution is, etc. We give our partners a recipe for success, based on real projects.”, explained Miroslav.

Next question was about the place of high-tech concepts in ecology:
”It's huge. We are no longer just talking about concepts, but about real technical solutions that bring clear and measurable value. As I mentioned earlier, the problems that we have been talking about on a conceptual level for years are already catching up with us in real life, and we are experiencing them. Look at the situation in Pernik for example. Cities, water companies and government organizations are investing in solutions like ours, solutions that give them data on which to base their decisions and better the situation. We do not speculate, but make decisions based on solid data and evidence. Business resources are limited, that is why it acts smart."

Read the whole interview here.