About Develiot

Who we are and what value we bring to partners and customers

About Develiot

Our purpose at Develiot is to improve the quality of life on Earth by harnessing IoT technology to advance the access to clean water and air.

We bring our purpose to life by making global challenges manageable. We enable it by empowering data-driven decisions that pinpoint high-return investments in the areas of urban water supply and urban air quality.

We achieve it by providing scalable end-to-end solutions, encompassing optimal data sensing, optimal data transmission, optimal data visualization and analytics, and effortless third-party integrations.

With all this, we are able to enable partners to deliver business proven IoT solutions repeatedly and at scale, solving pressing problems and delivering real value.


Miroslav Gechev

CEO and Co-Founder

Petar Ivanov


Kamelia Metodieva

Partner Manager

Polina Karaivanova

Project Coordinator

Kiril Pechenyashki

Software Developer

Stefan Grozev

Software Developer

Tihomir Petrov

Hardware Developer

Christine Eneva

Product Designer

Pavel Glavchev

Mechanical Engineer

Board and Advisors

Lubo Minchev

Board Member, Co-Founder
Founder, Telelink Investments

Emrah Ercan

Senior Advisor
Managing Partner, Cimbria Capital

Noah J. Sabich

Senior Advisor
Managing Director, Cimbria Capital

Ivan Zhitiyanov

Board Member, Co-Founder
CEO, Telelink Business Services Group